"I have to tell you that your cards have been a lifesaver!! I don't have to worry about buying a card for every birthday or occasion."


"You are knockin' this OUT OF THE PARK!! I knew you would, but do you sleep, girl? I can't believe how many things you've added for us since you launched! Thank you!!!"


"Love the convenience of being able to jump on the website and know that anything I need printed is there and already paid for! The products are beautifully made and so versatile to my personal life and work life!"

What is the Personalize your Life membership?


a MEMBERSHIP offers HUGE monthly discounts on digital downloads  - Long gone are the days of individually purchasing digital downloads for every occasion.  We know that cost really adds up! One month of membership content is valued at over $50 in individual purchases ALONE!

a MEMBERSHIP gives you unlimited access - Anytime you need it, it's available and you have access to your heart's content! What's even better is that our content library will continue to grow every month!

a MEMBERSHIP provides relevant content - Everything is designed specifically with YOU in mind! Every month, I design pretty NEW digital content geared toward upcoming holidays, seasons, occasions, and events. Even more awesome is the ability to customize and editable many designs before printing so you can really take personalization to the next level!

a MEMBERSHIP contains exclusive hand-made tailored designs - From my heart to yours, I use and test all our products to tailor-make them to be beautiful AND useful!

a MEMBERSHIP automatically enters you into drawings and FREEBIES - Who doesn't love FREE? Every month, members are entered to WIN hand-lettered (non-digital) items done personally by yours truly! One lucky winner will be shipped their giveaway winning item for FREE!

a MEMBERSHIP lets you into our VIP Communit- This membership is designed for YOU, to make life easier and more beautiful, and we want your input on how it moves forward and evolves! You get access to our "Personalize your Life" Facebook Page to share ideas, inspire each other, and become a part of molding the future of the membership with your feedback and suggestions!


Sure, you can keep adding digital downloads to your Etsy cart or other sites. In fact, you can even purchase some of our own printables here. But a "Personalize your Life" membership truly will pay for itself and more! It truly is my goal to bring you beautiful things that bring joy to your life so that you can in turn spread that joy and beauty to others!




  • First 7 days free
  • Unlimited access to our content library
  • Monthly giveaways
  • Custom design requests
  • VIP Community
  • No extra costs



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  • Unlimited access to your content library
  • Monthly giveaways
  • Custom design requests
  • VIP Community
  • No extra costs
  • GET A MONTH FREE with our annual plan (That works out to $8.25 a month!)

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